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Serving healthcare organizations, care providers, medical ISVs, and device manufacturers, Itransition builds interconnected environments for digital healthcare provision, ranging from clinical decision support and practice management to patient experience and engagement.

Hospital management software

Mobile healthcare

Healthcare CRM

Medical data analytics

Remote patient monitoring

Patient engagement IT solutions

Telehealth solutions


Medical device software development

Patient portals

Healthcare ecommerce

Pharmacy management software

Medical image analysis

We develop corporate and personal fintech solutions that automate transactions and data management, support financial decision making based on consolidated data, and help banks and financial institutions ensure their full regulatory compliance.

Banking software

Mobile banking


Smart contracts

Banking CRM

Stock trading software

Financial data analytics


Delivering both custom and platform-based solutions, we help physical and digital retailers as well as wholesalers and suppliers to automate their commercial operations and business workflows. Our industry-specific solutions span ecommerce and mobile commerce, warehouse and store management, customer experience, and more.

POS systems

eCommerce solutions

Customer experience

Retail CRM

Retail ERP

eCommerce portals

Retail data analytics

We join forces with technology providers to create unique solutions intended for particular clients or as products for market-wide release. As partners, we contribute with our expertise in multi-platform software engineering, R&D, quality assurance, and support, as well as best practices and unique knowledge generated within our many competency centers.


We help manufacturers, dealers, transportation providers, suppliers, and software vendors create new or improve existing solutions, such as for business process automation, commerce, customer engagement, and smart driving.

We are experts in connectivity solutions, helping telecom providers of all types to step up their operational performance and competitiveness through new digital services. Our automation capabilities go beyond conventional operations and business support systems to include IoT, blockchain, and AI.


We partner with logistics services providers, fleet operators, and innovation leaders to create digital solutions for automating supply chain management, enterprise-level logistics business processes, order fulfillment pipelines, and data analytics. Balancing proven approaches and latest technologies, we help optimize operations and tangibly improve customer service.

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