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ERP services and solutions

ERP services help companies implement an effective enterprise resource planning solution or maximize the value from their existing ERP system. Itransition provides a full range of ERP services to help our clients effectively manage core business activities and drive automation.


Capabilities we build

Industry solutions

Implementation roadmap

ERP benefits

ERP services we offer



We offer companies a full range of consulting services, helping them select an optimal ERP provider and implement an effective enterprise resource planning solution on time and within budget.



We build custom ERP systems with a fully tailored set of features, modules, and integrations for organizations of all sizes and industries.



We customize and upgrade ERP systems in line with the owner’s business needs and vision, following the industry’s best practices.



We connect the ERP software with the rest of the company’s software infrastructure as well as with next-generation technologies by applying optimal ERP integration approach and technology.



We roll out custom or off-the-shelf ERP software by taking on the whole implementation process, from business needs analysis to platform deployment and after-launch support.



We validate ERP software functionality, performance, compatibility, and usability to ensure it meets the company’s requirements and user expectations.

About Sistem-A

10+ years delivering ERP services
50+ completed projects across various industries
10+ years of experience in enterprise software development
An Odoo Silver Partner

Client spotlight

manual tasks automated
ERP system for a repair and maintenance service company
Sistem-A implemented a cloud-based ERP solution on Odoo, which helped the customer automate core business processes, reduce purchase order approval time by 50%, and accelerate work order management by 100%.
increase in sales
Software suite for a UK furniture manufacturer
Sistem-A took part in developing the CRM/ERP system to help the customer transform back-office workflows and pioneer VR-based customer engagement.

Our ERP implementation roadmap


ERP platforms we work with


As a certified Odoo service provider, we can tailor the Odoo platform to the unique needs of your company and automate multiple business functions, including finance and accounting, procurement, marketing and sales, manufacturing, and customer service.


Billing and finance management

Manufacturing management

Production quality management

Equipment and fleet management

Inventory management

Repairs management

Human resources management

Project planning and controlling

Procurement management 

Contact management


Small and mid-sized companies looking for advanced integration capabilities and superior user experience

Online SaaS



Odoo Enterprise

monthly/annual billing varying on the number of users  Odoo Community Edition


Free trial

ERP capabilities we deliver

We deliver tailored ERP solutions with a unique feature set to cater to your specific goals and objectives. Among the capabilities we enable within ERP software are:

Data consolidation

Getting a unified and consistent view of core business processes via integrating business information from across different departments into a single ERP database. Facilitates business process transparency, enhanced collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.


Automating repetitive tasks such as invoicing, order processing, reporting, and payroll. Besides freeing employees from mundane activities, ERP implementation helps streamline business processes and minimize errors rooted in manual data input.

BI and analytics

Consolidating transactional data on every aspect of business operations into the ERP database. Fast and role-based access to the integrated real-time data, self-service reporting capabilities, and tailored dashboards with KPI sets help business users optimize current operations with more informed decisions.

Tracking, storing, and analyzing finance-related data, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger, to perform financial reconciliation, financial planning and budgeting, revenue, expenses, and tax management.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Providing marketing and sales teams with a 360-degree customer view for customer segmentation and targeting, automating quote generation and purchase order creation, and predicting the demand.

Human resource (HR) management

Covering the full scope of employee lifecycle management from onboarding to offboarding. Automating payroll management, employee attendance tracking, employee performance assessment, training and learning management, and employee request management.

Supply chain management (SCM)

Enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility to gain greater control over inventory, warehousing, logistics, and distribution operations. Identifying areas of inefficiency, balancing supply and demand, streamlining procurement activities, and fostering supplier relationships.

ERP implementation benefits

Data silos elimination

ERP integrates data from multiple corporate systems and reduces fragmentation, which leads to increased collaboration between departments, improved efficiency, and streamlined business processes.

Smart insights

ERP improves core business processes with all information systematized, secured, and easily accessible within the system. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand data facilitates timely and smart decision-making.

Decreased costs

Improved business process visibility leads to the timely identification and elimination of process inefficiencies. Automation results in faster task completion and reduced human errors connected with manual data aggregation.

Full compliance

Modern ERP solutions, which increase data security, traceability, and visibility, help achieve compliance with all necessary regulatory standards to avoid costly fines, minimize risks connected with data loss and data breaches, and enhance customer loyalty.

FAQs about ERP

  • Visibility
    To make outsourcing engagement transparent both for clients and developers, we leverage planning, reporting and change management tools. This approach allows you to control project timeline and budget.
  • Tailored approach
    Depending on the unique project objectives, we suggest the most efficient cooperation model and development methodology and ramp up the team of experts with relevant experience.
  • Availability
    With headquarters located in the USA, representative offices in Europe, and Asia, we adapt easily to your timetable. Regardless of location, we guarantee brisk responsiveness through multiple communication channels.
  • Flexibility
    Our approach combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum to foster on‑demand scalability and agility. We are ready to adapt development processes to your schedule and requirement shifts at any project stage, whilst keeping the cost of change down.
  • Risk mitigation
    Our risk management policy ensures safe and predictable relationships providing a set of practices for identification and elimination of software risks before they become threats to successful software operation or a major source of expensive rework.


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