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eLearning software development

Make your education future-proof

We create bespoke eLearning tools that digitize and streamline organizations’ educational activities, make learning more engaging, easy-to-personalize, and accessible while driving down training costs.


of students believe eLearning experiences are superior to classroom ones.


High-quality educational software for all

Our team is well-equipped with domain knowledge and engineering skills to provide educational software development services to schools and universities, enterprises across industries, and edtech companies and startups.


Educational institutions

Our team can build intuitive educational software to help institutions introduce remote learning or step up in-school experience, personalize education and make it more engaging, and simplify student performance management.



Itransition develops various corporate learning tools that can facilitate new hire onboarding, employee upskilling through one-time or ongoing training sessions, progress training and assessment, and educational content authoring.


We offer to fill skill gaps in your project and assist you with business analysis and technology selection, UX/UI design, feature or end-to-end edtech app development, software testing, and post-release support.

eLearning standards we follow

When developing your eLearning solution, Itransition strictly adheres to the technical standards and quality requirements accepted in the educational sector, such as SCORM, LTI, xAPI, and others, as well as general and industry-specific data regulations including GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, etc.

Moreover, we are ready to adapt educational software to the client’s specific security policies and equip it with such controls as data encryption, user consent management, and multi-factor authentication.


LMS consulting


Platform-based LMS development


Custom LMS

Itransition can build a signature learning solution that fully fits your functional requirements and brand identity. After eLearning application development is over, we can also perform necessary configurations and integrations and conduct user training.


Legacy LMS modernization


Create a comprehensive learning experience

We offer to integrate eLearning software with your business ecosystem and set up real-time data exchange to help you better grasp learners’ needs and offer user-friendly and tailored learning paths.

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To help you improve learning personalization efforts, better recognize sales and upselling opportunities, and foster learners’ loyalty, Itransition can integrate your eLearning software with a CRM system.


We can integrate an LMS with the corporate ERP to synchronize data about administrative and learning activities and let organizations optimize educational resources, learning delivery, and training budgets.

HR software

By tying a corporate training platform with human resources management systems, our team enables companies to accurately detect and predict skill gaps, create meaningful employee development plans, and streamline training delivery.

Data analytics

We can equip educational software with an analytics engine to provide the owners with in-depth reports on learners’ engagement and performance, and visualize these findings in accessible formats. 


Through the integration of eLearning software with ecommerce tools we will help you monetize your courses and educational content, simplify purchasing and payment, and offer dynamic pricing to promote customer loyalty.

Bringing in eLearning innovation

We can equip your solution with advanced educational technologies to make the service offer more competitive and learning experiences more powerful and seamless.



We introduce well-crafted game elements into your eLearning software that will give learners ownership of their progress and increase their motivation and enjoyment with challenges, competitions, and rewards.



We build AR/VR-enabled education tools that deliver highly immersive and engaging learning experiences and let trainees practice hard and soft skills at their own pace in real-world environments



We can embed a virtual assistant into your educational platform that can handle students’ queries, provide smart feedback, or drive interactive learning. We can also create a teaching assistant chatbot to distribute tasks, check assignments, etc.


of trainees feel motivated during gamified training



less time needed by learners to complete VR-enabled training compared to a traditional classroom one



of interactions in the educational process can be automated with chatbots


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