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Business process management consulting

Our BPM offering

Sistem-A provides business process management consulting and development services to help enterprises step up their business operations. We help our customers plan the digital transformation of their business workflows, select and integrate business process automation software tailored to their specific corporate environments.


BPM planning

Our team analyzes your existing business processes to draw up a feasible step-by-step roadmap for workflow automation and BPM adoption across your enterprise.


BPM integration

We integrate business process automation solutions into your existing infrastructure while modernizing operational workflows and synchronizing all BPM components.


We apply our technological and business knowledge to align BPM solutions with our customers’ unique enterprise landscapes, hardware and software assets in place, and IT management capabilities.

Business process management solutions

Depending on our customers’ short- and long-term business strategies, Sistem-A's business process management consultants deliver software with an optimal set of features corresponding to the available computing capabilities and budgets.


Custom BPM solutions

We design and implement custom BPM software that has no analogs on the market. Custom software is the option for enterprises needing to automate non-standard business processes that can’t be covered with any off-the-shelf products.

Platform-based BPM solutions

We leverage the capabilities of out-of-the-box software for IT-centric business process management to ensure the swift introduction of workflow automation and these solutions’ seamless integration, customization and scaling.

ERP systems

Sistem-A's team is expert at architecting complex enterprise resource planning systems on top of the leading platforms.



Our certified Acumatica consultants deliver tailored ERPs on top of Acumatica modules for accounting, distribution and financial management, customer relationship management, field operations, data analysis and reporting.



We deploy Pega-based solutions and customize its out-of-the-box features to help our customers excel at case management, decision management, workforce intelligence, and customer relationship management, particularly in customer onboarding.


We leverage the benefits of the open-source modular Odoo platform to build lightweight yet powerful solutions supporting all types of workflows in retail and wholesale, telecommunications, manufacturing and automotive industries. 

The BPM software delivery cycle

Our business process management services include well-coordinated activities on new BPM application roll-out, business workflow optimization, and continuous improvement of BPM deployments.


We analyze your existing workflows, map their logic, and look for optimal ways to refine and digitize them without disrupting the established business cycles.


Our business analysts develop a plan for automating the mapped workflows, using common business process modeling notations, such as BPMN and UPN.


Based on the created models, we deliver a business process management system and integrate it into the enterprise-wide software ecosystem.


To support your business continuity and smooth evolution, we offer two scenarios of post-deployment BPM upgrade and continuous scaling.

Business process automation

Sistem-A's BPM software is part of our business process optimization consulting that addresses a whole range of daily challenges at enterprises of all specializations. B2B and B2C transactions, data management, workflow monitoring and analysis, enterprise productivity analysis, and reporting are just a few examples of processes facilitated by our solutions.

  • Visibility
    To make outsourcing engagement transparent both for clients and developers, we leverage planning, reporting and change management tools. This approach allows you to control project timeline and budget.
  • Tailored approach
    Depending on the unique project objectives, we suggest the most efficient cooperation model and development methodology and ramp up the team of experts with relevant experience.
  • Availability
    With headquarters located in the USA, representative offices in Europe, and Asia, we adapt easily to your timetable. Regardless of location, we guarantee brisk responsiveness through multiple communication channels.
  • Flexibility
    Our approach combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum to foster on‑demand scalability and agility. We are ready to adapt development processes to your schedule and requirement shifts at any project stage, whilst keeping the cost of change down.
  • Risk mitigation
    Our risk management policy ensures safe and predictable relationships providing a set of practices for identification and elimination of software risks before they become threats to successful software operation or a major source of expensive rework.

Smart business automation

We help enterprises advance in the automation of their operations by leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. With smart enterprise business process management software, our customers achieve greater production sustainability and operational transparency while staying updated on enterprise performance metrics in real time.

Robotic process automation

Sistem-A knows how to augment enterprises’ workforce without hiring new employees. We design, train, and implement digital bots as part of business process management software. By adopting RPA, our customers can reduce human effort while increasing performance accuracy, cutting time spent on repetitive tasks, and avoiding compliance issues.


Workflow automation

Intelligent bots that reproduce human actions and operate in line with pre-programmed rules to fulfill recurring tasks that make up workflows or workflow chains.




AI-based systems for automated processing and distribution of human-generated requests, faster problem solving, feedback gathering, and digital asset monitoring.

Built-in chatbots and online assistants for employee-to-employee and customer communication, personalized content delivery, and service assessment.

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