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HR software development

Your HR operations, digitized

The employee lifecycle is multi-faceted and requires ongoing oversight and skillful administration from HR managers. Sistem-A offers to introduce custom HRM software to step up the efficiency, improve the quality of hire, and reduce employee turnover.


of companies use ATS and associate it with greater candidate experience and effective talent acquisition

McLean & Company


of executives agree that talent analytics is the number one HR trend that has delivered an impact



of companies already use recruiting automation to improve hiring diversity


HR system design and implementation

We build and implement bespoke software to help enterprises manage and optimize various human resources management workflows, improve HR departments’ productivity with automation, and enhance hiring efficiency and employee satisfaction.

  • Visibility
    To make outsourcing engagement transparent both for clients and developers, we leverage planning, reporting and change management tools. This approach allows you to control project timeline and budget.
  • Tailored approach
    Depending on the unique project objectives, we suggest the most efficient cooperation model and development methodology and ramp up the team of experts with relevant experience.
  • Availability
    With headquarters located in the USA, representative offices in Europe, and Asia, we adapt easily to your timetable. Regardless of location, we guarantee brisk responsiveness through multiple communication channels.
  • Flexibility
    Our approach combines the best aspects of Lean and Scrum to foster on‑demand scalability and agility. We are ready to adapt development processes to your schedule and requirement shifts at any project stage, whilst keeping the cost of change down.
  • Risk mitigation
    Our risk management policy ensures safe and predictable relationships providing a set of practices for identification and elimination of software risks before they become threats to successful software operation or a major source of expensive rework.

We help businesses digitize and automate employee-centric processes with platform-based or custom-built digital workplace solutions for learning, collaboration, productivity, and analytics., or provide interactive education for medical practitioners and students.

We provide your organization with employee portals to help your workforce access all essential information while promoting communication and cooperation enterprise-wide.

We implement unified corporate communication solutions into established workflows to enable seamless collaboration between employees, teams, customers, and partners.

We help companies enhance communication with their partners, customers, and employees by delivering tailored web portals, such as intranets and extranets, equipped with business-specific features.

We build powerful ECM systems to streamline the management of corporate records and documents, media and web content, as well as employee training materials.

Intelligent automation in HR


of organizations will use AI-based solutions in their HR function by 2022



Better health outcomes

We build custom RPA bots to perform repetitive and time-demanding tasks in recruitment, payroll and expenses management, onboarding and offboarding, to minimize error rate and boost efficiency


Smart assistance

Our team delivers intelligent HR assistants that handle communication with candidates and employees, from answering queries and providing information to screening CVs and scheduling interviews.


Experience personalization

We introduce ML-driven models that personalize candidate interactions in real time in your career center and communication channels. We can also equip internal HR systems with similar engines to improve employee experience.


HR data analytics

transition can develop predictive analytics models to deliver valuable insights from large swaths of data and help companies identify skill needs and attrition risks and make smarter hiring and workforce decisions.

Take your HR system to the next level

Sistem-A also provides development services for companies looking to scale up or revamp their existing HR system.


Mobile HRM apps

To let your HR specialists recruit new talent and manage current employees anywhere anytime, Itransition can build a mobile application mirroring the functionality of a full-scale web solution. We can also build employee-oriented mobile tools for on-the-go access to schedule management, expenses claiming, training, and more.


Modernizing legacy HR systems

We can help organizations upgrade their outdated HR tools to create more efficient and modern-looking environments of their choice. Our team is fully qualified to deploy and set up your new HR system, migrate legacy data to it, and integrate the solution with other enterprise applications.


New HR modules

Sistem-A offers to add a new recruiter- or employee-oriented capability to your HR system by developing a custom module or implementing a ready-made one. We can also connect the new tool with other HR functions and relevant data sources.

HR software development with security at the core

When developing your HR system, we follow best data security practices to make the end-product safe by design. In addition to this, we adhere to the required industry standards and regional regulation such as GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, etc. along with corporate data security policies.

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Role-based access controls

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Data encryption

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